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Karen Kops
The Future of Hospitality

Karen Kops

VP, Sales & Development,
Hunter Douglas Hospitality

Question: What are you hearing from architects and designers regarding the products they need now?

Karen: Designers and architects are so busy (and understaffed) these days that they are looking for a supplier that can provide turnkey solutions. The fewer calls they have to make, the better.

With our ability to provide fabric, fabrication, window coverings, and installation services, we can be this total resource.

Question: Talk to us about customizable product options.

Karen: Our customs department has grown by leaps and bounds this year, and that tells us that architects and designers want outside the box solutions. With the decrease in new-builds, people are looking to differentiate their existing spaces with unique touches. We are developing more original designs for projects than ever before, and we welcome the challenge! Changes in technology and advances in digital printing have also allowed us to add patterns and colors to our window covering products, essentially making the product line limitless.

Question: Is sustainable design important to your design process?

Karen: Sustainability is very important to Hunter Douglas Hospitality. Window coverings by their very nature control light and improve energy efficiency.

We also incorporate recycled materials into our fabric and window covering product lines. On the manufacturing side, we use technologically advanced printing methods that decrease the use of water and valuable resources.

Question: What do you love about your role, and hospitality?

Karen: I love that I can take my practical business side needed for sales management and combine it with my creative side needed for product development. As I work directly with the sales force and customer base, I receive immediate feedback on the products. It provides a nice, closed loop scenario. Regarding our division, HDH, I love the fact that we are essentially three lines in one. With our in-house design and customs team we can take a project from concept to installation.

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